Thursday, November 08, 2007

Perl programming with DB2 Universal Database

Perl – Practical Extraction and Report Language -- is a powerful and easy-to-use programming language available for many operating systems. Perl is free. You can download the language (in source code or binary form) and use it without paying a license fee.
Perl is an increasingly popular choice. It contains aspects of the C programming language, as well as UNIX® commands such as awk and sed. An interpreted language, Perl can be used in stand-alone applications or with Apache to build Web applications.
You can use Perl to quickly manipulate large sets of data from files or RDBMSs. DBI, the standard for connecting Perl scripts to an RDBMS, was introduced in 1994. You can find the DBI driver source and its documentation at
This article shows you how to write simple Perl programs that extract or manipulate data stored in DB2 UDB. You'll go from the simple task of selecting a row from a database into a Perl program to more advance topics, including dealing with large objects and invoking stored procedures.

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