Thursday, October 23, 2008

Perl directories

To fully understand directories, you need to be acquainted with the underlying mechanics. The following explanation is slanted toward the Unix filesystem, for whose syscalls and behavior Perl's directory access routines were designed, but it is applicable to some degree to most other platforms.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mailman and Exim4

I recently installed Mailman on on my server to provide a mailing list for my extended family. While in the end, I was able to scrounge up the articles I needed by searching the web, many of them were woefully outdated. Here is a short article that pulls together my research and describes in one place what is needed to get Mailman running happily under Debian etch with Exim4.

Using cron to automate maintenance

Learn how to create, schedule, and manage cron jobs and how to define timetables to control job frequency, from once per minute to once per year. Additionally, learn how to limit access to cron to prevent abuse and how to use other utilities in tandem with cron to automate common maintenance tasks. more...